Hi, my name is Alan. I am a Colombian American, graphic designer, artist, educator, and writer. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at George Mason University where I teach Visual Communication Theory and Design History. @cabalazaa
2024 ARIE International Conference2024 ARIE International Conference

Changing the Paradigm for how Graphic Design Histories are taught

Office hours fall 22

AVT408 Visual Communication Theories

Office hours fall 21

Control for continuation

TOW at White Box, NYC

Poster for my performance of TOW at White Box in NYC

Album cover for Ukranian hip hop artists Uncall and Calldrop

Poster for a one-man show by actor Leo I. Rodriguez

Tier 4

Tier 4

Tier 4

Tier 4

Menu covers for Chef Charlie Trotter

Logo design for the Speyer Legacy School in NYC

Packaging for Michael Graves Solutions with Drive Medical