In 2015, I created an underground house party with my friend Vivacious from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. We hosted the party in several locations throughout NYC and Brooklyn, including the Museum of Sex.

We both sought to create an event that would feel reminiscent of some of the legendary years of the house scene in NYC, but would also feel contemporary and new.

Both of us come from a time in NYC when shows, drag performances, and music coalesced into one incredible event. We felt that was missing from the cookie cutter landscape of NYC club land and we wanted to be part of something special again like years past. We thought other people did too.
I created the logo and all the visual elements, while Vivacious focused on the dancers and costumes. We both chose a NYC based DJ that we liked.

We chose the name “Foundation” with its connotation of getting back to the building blocks of what made NYC house parties so legendary. I used the motif of Zeus Ammon for a dramatic touch which is always part of a successful house party. 

We had some phenomenal events with some amazing people, but running a party in NYC is not so easy. It is very unpredictable and expensive, especially if you want to do it right. After a few years, we both decided it was time to step away. I am so glad that I was in a position to do those events at the time and have those memories. We were able to bring joy to a lot of people.